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  • CMS & Database SEO Guide

    Rob Laporte, DISC, Inc - Pay Per Click

    CMS (content management system) & database SEO entails having your CMS pull keywords and phrases from your product or information database into all web-page parts relevant to SEO, except for the body copy. Although it does not apply to static sites without database-driven content, many of the CMS SEO rules below can be applied to such sites manually. Because CMS SEO performs a lot of SEO automatically and can treat thousands of pages, it is the most cost-effective SEO tactic. This first installment of a two-part article situates CMS SEO within the steps of a complete SEO job, discusses related database and site design issues, and explains per-page rules of CMS SEO. In the next edition of Visibility, the second installment will address the more complicated site-wide CMS SEO issues, like URL rewriting, breadcrumb trails, product sorting systems, file and folder naming, JavaScript, session IDs, iframes, and Ajax. Most good content management systems allow you to program the CMS rules below.

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