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    Pump Up your PPC with the Right Mix of P.P.T

    Noran El-Shinnawy , Acquisio

    Advertisers typically start with a list of keywords they have generated by themselves and if they have taken an extra step, they've used the keyword suggestions tools offered by Google or other tools like WordTracker and WordStream. But choosing keywords is just the beginning.  

    Introduction to Multivariate Testing

    Eric J. Hansen , SiteSpect

    While web analytics is the cornerstone of most data-driven online organizations today, multivariate and A/B testing are quickly taking a seat at the table. In this article, we'll take a look at:  

    The Search Engine Optimization Evolution Continues

    Matt Bullas , Click Consult

    The very nature of search engine optimization means that is a constantly evolving discipline. There is a cat and mouse element between regularly tweaked search engine algorithms and the SEO professionals who are trying to keep up. There are developments technologically which have an impact, the major search engines striving to bring ever more relevant results and the SEOs trying to make sure their sites ARE those results. Plus probably the most changeable element of all – the human users who utilise search engines.  

    10 Common Mistakes in Online Lead Generation

    Ian Rhodes , IanRhodes.co.uk

    One of the main reasons I’m approached by new B2B clients is they feel frustrated having spent £x on a brand new website expecting customers to flock through, leaving their contact details to allow their sales teams to ‘finish the job’… this, I’m afraid to state, simply doesn’t happen.  


    Online Video Product Demonstrations

    Erik Kretschmar , iSpeakVideo

    Online retailers are discovering the value of using video product demonstrations to revel the worth of their product. Educating consumers is half the battle, and a video demo can increase the desirability of a product simply by showcasing how easy and convenient it is to use.  

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