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  • PageRank Sculpting: Why and How to Do It

    Rob Laporte , DISC, Inc. - Search Engine Optimization

    PageRank sculpting is the channeling of search engine spiders, indexing, PageRank, and other trust and authority assignations. It usually pertains to tactics within a single website domain, but some tactics can apply to a family of domains or sub-domains. SEO pros have been doing it successfully throughout the 2000s. It is much more than the justly discredited nofollow meta-tag sculpting.


    An Integrated Approach to Internet Marketing: Components of a Well Oiled Online Marketing Campaign

    Solomon Thimothy , One IMS

    If you’re keeping up with the latest trends in marketing, you already know the importance of an Internet marketing campaign.  You have also probably tried one or moreInternet marketing channelsas a way to stay relevantand increase traffic to your web site.  This is agood start, but having a disjointed online marketing campaign can only go so far.  

    Does Google's Search Plus Your World Update Change How Internet Marketing Agencies Now Operate?

    Matt Bullas , Click Consult

    The influence of social media on search engine optimisation and internet marketing has grown exponentially in recent years, and our industry has undoubtedly had to evolve to account for that growth.  This evolution we have undergone simply doesn't mean informing clients about how social media engagement might influence rankings in the SERPs, but we have had to apply some fundamental changes to the way we operate as an agency. 

    Privacy in Apps – How will the Mobile World OvercomePrivacy Challenges?

    Marjorie DeHeyDaleo, Mobile Entertainment Forum

    I have spent many years as a senior executive in the mobile space and am often asked to draw parallels between the mobile world and the online world because “basically mobile is going to follow the online rules/regulations.”   There are, of course, numerous parallels but also distinct differences that industry organizations, government agencies and big businesses are trying to tackle.   First is the fact thatmobile is always on…always there….in your hands. Consumers feel a far greater sense of privacy with their phones than their computers – ourmobile devices   carry most of the important information about our lives. 

    Search, Retargeting and Social Advertising: Getting the Most Out of Demographic Targeting

    Janet Driscoll Miller , Search Mojo

    Every week there’s a new study coming out about the high or low return on investment from social media advertising. As a stand-alone tactic, social media advertising has its proponents and detractors. Proponents often cite increased engagement and possible long ROI, while detractors refer to the lack of immediate tracking on ROI. So what’s the answer? Is social media helpful for ROI, or not? The flaw of many of these studies is that they fail to look at social media advertising as a tactic in a fully integrated marketing program. 

    Top Tips for Mobile Marketing Want to go mobile? Here’s how

    David Murphy , Mobile Marketing Magazine

    Any business that keeps half an eye on advances in technology to find out how it might help, or indeed harm, their business, has probably heard, or read, someone, somewhere, urging them to go mobile.

    The problem for many businesses, however, is understanding exactly what going mobile entails. As a marketing tool, the mobile phone is an incredibly versatile device. Unlike your PC, the modern smartphone knows not only where you are, but in which direction you are facing. It can take photos and videos, and send them anywhere in the world, instantly. It can help you find the nearest branch of your favourite shop or restaurant chain. It can enable you to respond to marketing messages you see in other channels, such as print, TV or outdoor. It can even enable you to compare the price of something you’re interested in buying in one store with the price elsewhere, simply by scanning the barcode on the packaging. 

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