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  • The Under-served High Value Search Market

    Mark Bobick, Correlation Technology - Web Development

    After less than a decade of competition, market giant Google has emerged triumphant over all major search engines.  Once preeminent Yahoo is expected to be absorbed into Microsoft, while Microsoft’s own MSN Search has been unable to retain market share.  Ask.com has announced its departure from the general search arena, and AOL’s market share barely registers.  However, despite appearances, the story isn’t over.  All these players – even Google – are leaving a pile of money on the table.  They are leaving money on the table because they can not handle N-dimensional Query..


    Uncovering the Real Universal Search

    Kevin Ryan, Interactive Media

    Ever wonder just how fast universal search is being adopted? How about the number of searchers that include a universal result? Perhaps more importantly, what's the real impact of search result multiplicity?

    You asked, and we found out. This past Search Engine Strategies New York we uncovered many new things, but Tuesday's Orion Panel on universal search finally shed some light on the biggest change in search since Idealab launched paid listings.

    The Five Principles of Email Design Optimization

    Jeffrey K. Rohrs, Exact Target

    Since its first broad use for marketing purposes less than 15 years ago, permission-based email has consistently delivered one of the highest ROIs of any tool in the digital marketer’s toolbox.  This track record comes with one significant caveat however—namely, that not all email marketing efforts are created equal.  Indeed, email program performance still varies widely from company to company and industry to industry.

    One of the primary reasons for this wide variance is that a surprising number of companies are still treating email as an afterthought rather than a primary marketing channel.  These companies cling to the notion that sending an email is enough regardless of what happens after they “push the button.”

    Your Baby Is Ugly - Uncovering Good Testing Ideas for Landing Page Optimization

    Tim Ash, SiteTuners.com

    Landing page testing is the last frontier of online marketing.

    Driving traffic to your site is a well-understood arena, and has already been extensively tuned and tweaked. But the pages on which your traffic lands typically range from horrible to mediocre. There is a literal goldmine waiting to be tapped by testing and optimizing the content on your mission-critical landing pages. Double-digit conversion increases are very common and can dramatically improve the profitability of your online marketing programs almost overnight.


    10 Critical Errors To Avoid With Your SEO Campaign

    Michael Murray, Fathom SEO

    How to be an SEO Rock Star

    Lidija Davis , WebMama.com Inc

    Guerilla SEO, Advertising and Conversion Methodologies

    Alan Rabinowitz , SEO Image

    Supply and Demand of Literacy in SEM

    Laporte & Williams, DISC, Inc.

    CEO Spotlight

    Joe Griffin, Submitawebsite.com

    How to Measure the Value of a Search Engine Ranking

    Stoney deGeyter, Pole Position Marketing

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