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    CMS & Database SEO Guide

    Rob Laporte , DISC,Inc.

    Part 2: Side-wide URL and Code Issues

    Second of a Two-Part Article

    CMS (content management system) & database SEO entails programming your CMS to pull keywords and phrases from your product or information database into all web-page parts relevant to SEO, except for body copy. The first installment of this two-part article, published in the December edition of Visibility, situated CMS SEO within the steps of a complete SEO job, discussed database and site design issues, and explained per-page rules of CMS SEO. This second installment conveys an intellectual attitude helpful in solving CMS SEO problems, and it addresses such site-wide CMS SEO issues as Ajax, IFrames, breadcrumb trails, product sorting systems, and much more.

    Search Marketing – Past, Present And Future…Search 3.0 And 4.0

    Danny Sullivan, SMX West

    After years of no real dramatic evolution in search, the third generation has finally arrived and the fourth is on the way. Google calls the next generation of search Universal Search, or a more generic name as it’s now hit all the major search engines is "blended search."  I have coined the developments Search 3.0 and soon to hit 4.0 – personal and social refinement.  Here’s a snapshot of the history of search, the recent advancements and anticipated progression of the online marketing phenomenon called search marketing.

    Search 1.0: Location, Frequency, & On-The-Page Ranking Criteria
    In the good old days, around 1996 when the Web was a lot smaller, the big names in Web search used “crawlers” to automatically build listings.  Those crawlers followed links across the Web, “copied” new pages and stored the millions of copied pages in an “index.”  Millions?  Today billions of pages are harvested.


    2007: Top 10 SEO Changes

    Joe Griffin , Website Pros

    The Cost Of Search Engine Optimization As A Post Launch Initiative

    Paul Elliott, Brulant Inc.

    Social Media: Building And Selling Your Corporate Brand

    Trevor Walter , Increase Visibility

    The Holy Grail Of E-Commerce ROI

    Miguel Salcido, eVisibility

    How are Social Media Web Sites Affecting Google''s Universal Search Landscape?

    Brett Lane , Intrapromote LLC

    Mobile Optimization

    Bryson Meunier , Resolution Media,

    Web Analytics

    Eric Enge , Stone Temple


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