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    Landing Page Design and the Decision Making Process

    Tim Ash , SiteTuners.com

    Landing page optimization and testing is a complex activity that requires knowledge of many fields including usability, copywriting, math, and web design. But at its core, we are still trying to influence the behavior of people, and human nature has not changed.  

    Preventing Click Fraud

    Rich Kahn, eZanga

    ‘Google…Law Suit...Click Fraud?, are alarmingly repeated buzzwords coming from search engine marketers these days. It’s understandable how unsettling it may be for search marketers to hear Google is being sued for click fraud for the first time in five years.  

    What’s the ROI of that Tweet?

    Kaitlin Pike , UBM Techweb

    Essential to almost all online marketing strategies, social media can amplify your exposure and help you connect with customers in new ways. But how do you determine what kind of posts perform best? What tweets lead to the most conversions? And can you attribute revenue to any of your Facebook activities?  

    Including Online Video in Website Design

    Erik Kretschmar , iSpeakVideo

    Are you in the process of designing a website?  Don’t forget to include online video in the design from the very first steps. Adding special features later can be expensive and time consuming as you shuffle existing components to make room for new ones. Simply thinking ahead and incorporating things like website videos in your design early on can save you both money and time.  

    Has Google Changed SEO Forever?

    Alex Cleanthous, webprofits.com.au

    Google implemented more changes to their search engine in 2010 than they have in the last few years combined. Their continual rate of innovation is improving user experience but is making SEO harder every single day. Any business relying on Google rankings for sales and revenue have to stay ahead of the continual updates from Google or risk losing what might be the most profitable sources of revenue in the history of marketing.

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