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  • Improving Social Visibility

    Dr. Horst Joepen , Searchmetrics - Social Media

    It’s Not Just About How Many People Like You It used to be if you didn’t have a web page that could be found by Google and other search engines, the public thought you didn’t exist.  Today, the same thing is true with social media. .


    Using Your Events to Drive Higher SEO Rankings

    Wil Reynolds , SEER Interactive

    Inbound marketing is the rage; every marketer these days seems to be working on ways to become a lead magnet and not just a bullhorn marketer. One of the many ways that inbound marketers attempt to grow leads is with webinars, events, conferences, etc.and yet all too often they fail to align these efforts with their SEO strategy. 

    Is Affiliate Management in Your Agency Toolbelt?

    Peter Hamilton, HasOffers

    Imagine for a minute that you could call on the power of ten other marketers and agencies to help you get more customers for your clients.  Then imagine that they only wanted you to pay them when they provided actual sales and leads for your customers.  

    Smart Search Marketing: Using the Same Firm for PPC & SEO

    John Fairley , Walker Sands

    Google. Bing. Yahoo. The battles for the hearts and minds of today’s consumers aren’t happening in boardrooms – they’re happening on search engines, the frontlines of brand warfare in the digital space. 

    Universal Affiliate Marketing

    Geno Prussakov , AM Navigator

    Affiliate marketing is universally applicable, and any online business can be enhanced by running an affiliate program. Since the essence of affiliate marketing is in placing the main emphasis on the actual end-consumer action occurred, it is always a no-lose situation for the merchant (unless you mismanage your program). When starting an affiliate program you decide how to remunerate affiliates, and this is based on the end action you desire to achieve through your affiliate marketing campaigns. 

    How to Adjust Your Digital Marketing Playbook in 2012

    Christy Belden , LeapFrog Interactive

    If Q4 of 2011 is any indication, 2012 should be one of the better years in advertising of late. Businesses are starting to hire and spend on resources, combined with an election yearand the Olympics,should make for more dollars being spent on advertising. 

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