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  • Branding Your Business with Mobile Apps

    Joe Devine , Cloud 8 Sixteen, Inc. - Branding

    Since the launch of the Apple App Store in July 2008, the popularity of mobile apps has skyrocketed as a new, innovative way for users to interact online. For many people, apps are becoming the most popular means to use the internet, whether for email, games, reference, or other uses. App downloads for the Apple iPhone, Google Android, and BlackBerry have all grown rapidly since their launch, with Apple reporting over 10 billion iPhone app downloads to date in January 2011.  .


    The Future of SEO through Internet Television Search

    Victor Quinteros, Rotapix

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a constantly evolving field. It is important to be up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry to avoid getting left behind. Right now, one of the hottest trends in SEO is video search. People are tired of generic content that doesn’t tell them what they want to know.  

    When Fans Aren’t Enough

    Jennifer Williams, DISC, INC.

    That party line has long outlived its usefulness. Social media has come of age and is no longer new to users, and with adoption rates nearing saturation you’ll be hard pressed to find an audience that isn’t active on at least one social media platform. Yet the majority of advice and strategies has failed to catch up. Here’s how it happened.  

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall – Who in the land has the strongest global SEO strategy of all?

    Greig Holbrook , Oban Multilingual

    Ensuring that your website gets noticed in a foreign market can be tough work. Local competition, linguistic barriers and cultural differences can all contribute to the success or failure of your website’s international reach.  


    What Is Web Performance Optimization and Why Should You Care?

    Eric Hansen , SiteSpect

    Web performance optimization (WPO) is a discipline focused on improving web user experience by making pages load faster. This is done through a variety of individual techniques that make it easier for web browsers, as well as networks that route traffic, to load and render web page content.  

    Facebook Marketing Strategies: How To Drive Sales Through Facebook

    Alex Cleanthous , Facebook

    Facebook has been the biggest phenomenon on the Internet in the last 5 years. The growth it has achieved worldwide is astounding. With more than 500 million users and millions of businesses integrating Facebook functionality into their websites the biggest question businesses are asking is whether Facebook can be a reliable channel for driving sales and growth.

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