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  • A Successful SEO Project Starts With Training

    Bruce Clay, Bruce Clay, Inc. - Training Programs

    In our everyday lives we each see training everywhere we turn. Does anyone remember having to take a training course for that new phone system, accessing and using e-mail, or for some new software or equipment? Every job has at least an orientation session to train new employees. IT departments may only hire people with certain certifications received from specific training courses, and we are starting to see the same for marketing departments. Writers take workshop training courses to grow and sharpen their skills.


    Writing For Conversions: How to Turn Your Website into a Cash Register

    Tim Ash , SiteTuners

    Our company routinely runs large scale landing page optimization tests to improve conversion rates. One of the most common components that we test is the sales copy on the page. We have found that changing your approach to writing can often lead to a double-digit increase in conversion rates.

    When It Comes to Social Media, Think Tribal

    Jennifer Williams , DISC, Inc.

    Here’s a radical idea. Social media is not new, at least not entirely. The technology that delivers and facilitates it is new. The social part is as old as humanity, dating all the way back to when we lived in small tribes, and even though we no longer live in small tribes, human design is based on that early environment. Evolutionary Psychologists (also known as Darwinian Psychologists) propose that all human social behavior can be traced back to evolutionary adaptations.

    One-Time vs. Ongoing SEO

    Rob Laporte , DISC, Inc.

    True expertise consists largely of knowing what should be done immediately, later, or not at all. Of course SEO – and all marketing – should be ordered by ROI projections, but for most budgets the cost-effectiveness of top-priority, one-time SEO is so high that the decision to proceed moves quickly from the dawn of understanding to the high noon of action.

    Optimizing ROI in Online Media Operations through Strategic Resource Scaling

    Jay Kulkarni , Theorem

    Driving revenue and controlling costs is paramount for any successful business. How an organization utilizes its resources to focus on revenue generating activities rather than peripheral tasks can make the difference between success and stagnation.


    The Top 7 Email Bad Habits and How to Break Them

    Christina Inge , Spinwave Systems

    E-Marketing Solutions Improve ROI

    Mary Costa , Elliance


    Local Search Engine Content Management – A Key to Organic Traction

    David Dague, Localeze

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