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    Matt Bullas , Click Consult

    SEO and social media intertwine and complement each other in ever-more exciting ways. What’s even better, for many of those taking chances and experimenting with the two together, they’re finding well thought-out campaigns seeing positive, effective results.  

    An Insider’s Guide to Split-Testing

    Alex Cleanthous , Web Profits

    Well before the Internet was created, direct marketing legends such as John Caples and Claude Hopkins would setup a split-run-test in a printed publication where they would test two different advertisements (for the same product) and measure the success of an each by using different coupon codes and measuring which version of the advertisement produced the greatest results – half of the publication would have one version of the ad, the other half would have the other version of the ad.  


    Atlas Shrugged - And So Did Your Homepage

    Tim Ash ,

    Just like Atlas it carries the weight of the world on its shoulders.  Under the staggering load of all of this content your homepage is groaning and not fulfilling its purpose. Your homepage does not serve any of its intended constituencies well.  

    Pros and Cons of Pay For Performance in Search Marketing

    Rob Laporte , DISC, Inc.

    Pay for performance (PFP) in search marketing maximizes profits for both clients and agencies or freelancers, but poses complexities in contracts, tracking, and risk management. These complexities add time to negotiations and contract writing, which adds to the need for PFP deals to span at least a year.  

    Brands at Risk: Restoring Trust through Consumer Engagement

    Michael Fisher , Alterian

    In the past, a one-way flow of information to customers was enough. Marketing strategies built around mass broadcast mediums were the norm, and consumers were content to digest the information provided to them.  



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