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  • “Apptrophy” & The Need for Mobile Visibility

    Jeff Rohrs , Exact Target - Mobile Marketing

    We haven’t met, so let me introduce myself.  My name is Jeff Rohrs, and I know you.  I may not “know” know you, but I know your type.  You’re most likely an early adopter—or at least a fast-follower—and my guess is that as you read this your smartphone in your pocket or at least within reach.  If you don’t have a smartphone, I encourage you to read on, because the odds are that you will join our ranks soon enough. Apple’s iPhone army and Google’s Androids will see to that. .


    Should They Stay or Should They Go? Tips for Turning Website Browsers into Buyers

    Tim Ash , SiteTuners

    Marketers can be a greedy breed. Eager to convert website visitors into paying customers, they often use pushy tactics online that would never be tolerated in a brick and mortar environment. Does your website require a registration before someone can make a purchase? Do you ask a lot of personal information that isn’t necessary for the transaction? All of these very common tactics are killing your conversion rate. If you’re having trouble getting your visitors to complete a transaction online, read on.  

    The Human Part of Search Engine Optimization – Understanding Searcher Goals

    Shari Thurow , Omni Marketing Interactive

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a widely misunderstood term. To many people, SEO means optimizing a website for top positions on the commercial Web search engines. This literal, face-value definition of SEO is so ubiquitous that SEO professionals are perceived as snake-oil salesmen or people who exploit the commercial Web search engines. 

    Delivering the Best User Experience through Targeting Techniques

    Eric J. Hansen , SiteSpect

    You have heard the saying, “When you optimize for everyone, you optimize for no one,” right? It sounds obvious: target your optimization efforts for the right audience to achieve your online marketing goals. But studies show that most digital marketers still do not optimize by audience – for several likely reasons.

    6 Simple (and Free!) Ways to Leverage Your Content

    Derek Jansen , Nitch Marketing

    As a respectable internet marketer, you most likely spend a lot of time and effort creating high quality content for your site and/or link building activities. A well researched and crafted article takes a lot of time and ultimately only adds one piece of content to your site. In this article, I’ll discuss six simple ways to leverage your content so as to get maximum exposure, back links and value from your content. 

    Five Tactics to Ensure Local Merchants Succeed Online

    Bruce Clay , Bruce Clay, Inc.

    The way people search and what they search for online is changing. People want to find the products and services they need, but close to their geographic location. They rely on their inner circle to give endorsements and reviews on products and businesses before making a decision. And, they want to engage with those businesses in new, more personalized ways.

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