October 1, 2012

New Study Shows 20% of People Turn to Social Media for Customer Service Complaints

(5 Star Control)

5 Star Control has issued an announcement about a report stating that 20% of Canadians now use social media channels as a method of interacting with customer service representative from a business.

5 Star Control wrote that businesses may be restrained by a new American Express customer service survey, reported on by the Canadian Globe and Mail, which showed that one in five Canadians has used a social media company such as Facebook or Twitter as a way of customer service interaction with a business they have patronized.

The cited survey is the American Express 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer. American Express, one of the world’s largest financial and credit card companies, conducted a survey of approximately 1000 consumers in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, The Netherlands, India, Germany, France, Italy, and Mexico. The goal was to determine how people in each of those countries interact with customer service, as well as the attitudes of consumers towards customer service, and the methods employed by companies in which provide service. It also noted the amount of people in each country who use social media networks like Facebook as a way to communicate with a company.

Facebook is one of the world’s biggest players in the social media industry. Since its inception by Mark Zuckerburg in 2004, Facebook has acquired more than 950 million users worldwide. On Facebook, people can interact with other people in their friends list by posting pictures, videos, links, and general thoughts. Businesses also use Facebook through Facebook Pages, which look similar to normal user profiles. Not only a source of small business marketing online, Facebook Pages also allow consumers to interact directly with a company through posts on its page.

The social media network Twitter take a different approach, letting users share their thoughts through 140 character “tweets.” More than 500 million people use Twitter monthly, generating more than 3.5 million tweets a day. In addition to regular users having Twitter accounts, businesses can post to Twitter as well and have customers who follow them read real-time news

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