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According to Deloitte, Reputation Risk is among the largest strategic risks faced by companies today. No business or person is immune to online reputational damage. The first step in any online reputation strategy is always to collect up-to-date information. To mitigate the risk of reputation damage online, companies and people need real-time information about new posts appearing in social media pages and search results, particularly if this information is false, defamatory, or damaging.

Knowing what customers, friends, and family members could see when they search for you on the Internet is imperative. However, manually searching, cataloging and responding to mentions of your brand is time-consuming and inefficient. Enter Reputation Monitoring tools. There are some terrific solutions available to help companies and individuals listen, synthesize, and react to information as soon as it becomes accessible to the public. Let’s review several of the best.

Brand Yourself was founded in 2010 to help individuals create genuine, positive online brands. The company has since grown to leadership in the online reputation management industry with over 250,000 customers and more than 50 employees. Brand Yourself offers a freemium tool to help individuals create and optimize social profiles and personal websites with the goal of setting up a stronger presence on the first page of search results. The online reputation monitoring component offers a simple user interface to track changes in search results over time and alerts users automatically if any new articles suddenly appear in search engines.’s intuitive nature and simple reporting make it a top five online reputation monitoring tool for individuals.



Trackur is certainly among the top online reputation monitoring tools for enterprises because it is simple, fast, and brandable. Large brands generate a lot of chatter throughout social media channels, and Trackur offers the most extensive social media monitoring of any platform on the market. Simple dashboards make attaining actionable results easy, and Trackur ships with flexible data options including Excel exports, email notifications, and RSS or XML feed integration. The software keeps data archives and applies language and influence analysis to determine potential reach and sentiment for every social mention of you and your brand. Finally, Trackur is simple to white label, making it an ideal online reputation monitoring tool for in-house PR teams as well as agencies which offer reputation monitoring solutions.



If you are seeking an online reputation monitoring tool that helps your organization consolidate and streamline its social media management strategy in a scalable way, SproutSocial has a solution for you. Listening and responding on multiple social media platforms from SproutSocial’s dashboard is simple. Managing responses, scheduling posts and delegating tasks throughout the organization is easy. With in-depth reporting and analytics, your team can quickly make smart social media marketing decisions. SproutSocial is an excellent reputation monitoring tool for enterprises, agencies, small businesses, and social media managers.



If your organization is looking for a more robust reputation monitoring solution that expands the analysis to include all Internet mentions, social media, print, television, and radio, look no further. TalkWalker is among the most robust reputation monitoring solutions and includes global media coverage in 187 languages, sentiment analysis in 29 languages, image recognition, and AI-powered insight and reporting. You can also isolate influencers responsible for conversions, analyze your competition, and pull up to two years of historical data to gain insight into what works best. TalkWalker is a comprehensive reputation monitoring tool with industry-leading technology and insights.


Today reputation risk is a serious strategic risk for companies. Because the Internet is such a dynamic and democratized platform, it can be challenging for individuals and businesses to find, analyze and react to harmful information online. Thankfully, there are many great options, and there is likely an online reputation monitoring tool that is perfect for your organization’s goals and objectives.

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